How to get the new transparent YouTube player?

Hey! As you may have already read YouTube is testing a new re designed transparent YouTube player. Cnet already wrote a detailed post about enabling the same on your system. But it seems that YouTube has made is more easier. You can now get it with just a single click.

Follow the below steps to get it:

Visit YouTube’s beta testing page called TestTube here.

YouTube TestTube

And now make sure that you are signed in to YouTube. Because the new change will be associated only with your account and not your system.

Then go to the bottom of the page and click on get the player. And Voila, you will now be able to use the new re designed transparent looking player.

Remember that you can always come back to the old page by visiting the same TestTube page.

Checkout the screen shot of the new YouTube player below:

YouTube New Transparent Player


Video by: Marquees Brownlee

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