Why Allo is my favorite announcement from Google I/O 2016?

Sundar Pichai led Google, this year at its annual conference announced a ton of things starting from Google Home to Instant Apps but what caught my attention the most was Allo because on one of these days I was wondering about the monopoly of Facebook in the messaging arena with two of the most used messaging apps namely Facebook Messenger and recently acquired WhatsApp and I came to a conclusion that no app can probably beat Facebook because of the number of users it has acquired since its existence but then comes Google with the Allo’s announcement to compete with Facebook, an app which is packed with features that were missing from the current messaging ecosystem.

Now lets see what sets Google’s Allo apart from others in the competition.

Smart Reply

Allo has Smart Reply built in which is very similar to Inbox’s smart reply, you can now use suggestions to reply and respond to common messages without typing a single word. And overtime Allo will learn from your reply patterns and thus Smart Replies will become more relevant as you use Allo in the long run.

For example Allo will observe overtime that are you an “haha” or a “lol” person.

Smart Replies will also work with picture messages, for example if your friend sends you a picture of a dog, Allo will suggest you replies such as “Cute dog!” and “What a Labrador :)”

Google Allo Smart Reply suggestions

Smart Reply suggestions in Google Allo

Expressive Messaging with Shout, Whisper and Ink

Ever felt the need to shout something while having a chat with your friend? Well now you can, with Allo you have a provision to increase the size of the bubble with your message which makes it look like a shout and you can also decrease the size of the bubble if you want to whisper something.

You can also use Ink to reply with images having custom hand written text to express yourself better.

Express yourself better with Ink, Whisper and Shout

Express yourself better with Ink, Whisper and Shout

Smart Assistant – Google built into your chats

You can chat with Google Assistant directly or you can include Google in a group chat with your friend. Having Google assistance built-in Allo will save your time which is currently wasted between switching apps.

For example if you want to check show timings for a movie you can do so right in the app while chatting with your friend and once you are done deciding upon the time you can also book the movie straight from Allo.

You can also get stuff like live scores, flight status, directions and translations right into Allo. The assistance will come integrated with Maps, YouTube and other Google apps to make your life easier and faster.

Allo also comes integrated with Google Photos so you can ask the Google Assistant to show you the photos from your last trip and later share the same with your friends.

Google Assitant in Allo

Google Assistance built right into Allo

For those who are concerned about privacy Google also added an Incognito version (similar to the one in Chrome), all the chats that you do in Incognito mode are end-to-end encrypted.

Whatever the future holds for Allo’s competition with Facebook’s suite, I certainly am excited about Google Allo, feel free to share your thoughts about Allo in the below comment section.

If you are an Android user and want to try out the app earlier than others, you can register yourself here.

Also checkout the below video from The Verge to know more about Allo.

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