Top 3 Apps for MacBook [ March 2017 ]

I got my first Mac computer the MacBook Pro 2016 (w/o the touch bar) 24 days ago and every day I love it more, not just because of its great design, fantastic display, fantabulous build quality or the giant touchpad but also due to the software experience macOS offers.

MacBook Pro 2016 and iPod Touch 6th Gen
Yes. I am a fan of Grey! Actually Black 😉

Picture Credits: Saatvik Shukla

So I am always on the lookout for new apps that add to this experience, below are my top 3 picks so far.

Focus – Reclaim your productivity

This app is based on the Pomodoro Technique which is a highly adapted way of getting rid of procrastination, in this technique the individual works in sprints of 25 minutes each and is awarded a short 5-minute break after every sprint and once every four sprints the individual can take a long break of 10-minutes.

To learn more about the Pomodoro Technique you can watch the below 3-minute video by ASAPScience.


What focus allows you to do is simply block the distractions while you are in a Pomodoro sprint. Because as we know blocking out distractions on a computer these days is really hard when every distraction is just a click away.

When you have Focus installed and a Focus session started, you are redirected to an inspirational quote instead when you try to open a distracting website.


You better focus on your work
You better focus on your work!

You can also add your own set of Quotes if you want and also customize the sites which Focus considers as distracting.

Below are some of the screenshots from the Focus’ website.

Add quotes to focus
Add quotes and sites to focus
Focus Menu Bar
The go to menubar app

Someone said great things come at a cost and same applies to Focus, it comes at a price of $19.99 (₹ 1300), but you can take a 14-day free trial from here to check whether its worth it or not.

There are some free alternatives available, one of my favorites is the Tomato Timer because it’s a web app and thus works on every device.

Dashlane – The Best Password Manager

Today its hard to keep track of all the passwords you have all around the internet when each site proposes different requirements for setting up the password, so Dashlane comes to your rescue with a super simple password manager, it will save every password you allow it to save (don’t worry they use best in class encryption) and once you save that password, you will never have to reenter them again.

Dashlane Mac App
All your passwords in one place

It does the same with your credit and debit cards, addresses, emails and phone numbers.

And on top of all this, you can access all your saved passwords from anywhere in the world on any device with just one master password for Dashalane to authenticate you.

Dashlane also allows you to create secure notes, which you can use to store things like legal documents, software licenses, bank statements etc. or even personal notes for that matter.

Unlinke Focus, Dashlane is free forever but if you want Dashlane to sync across all devices, you will have to pay a premium.

But Dashlane is offering something special to all Tech Redefined readers (Oh yeah!), to check it out visit Dashlane here.

Caffeine – Send your Mac on a Caffeine high

Do you ever complete assignments from your Mac, or do you write a long document on your Mac while you think? If the answer is yes you need this app.

Because whenever you are doing one of the above-mentioned things, your laptop will fuck around with you by turning the display off to save energy consumption while you think or write, you can turn it off by going to settings and making some changes, but doing that every time you write an assignment seems like a waste of time to me.

What if you can prevent your Mac from sleeping or turning off by just clicking one button in the menu bar? (Yeah just one!)

Check out the app if you don’t believe me, and yes its free. (Use the direct download button, the Mac store link seems to be nonfucntional at this time)

Also, you can set for how long your Mac will be on the caffeine high. The below screenshot shows the same.

Caffeine Activate for options
Send your Mac on a Caffeine high!

Thanks for reading this article. Do let me know in the comments section about the apps you use on a daily basis so that I can feature them in the next article in this series.

Also, do share any suggestions you have which will help me improve this blog.

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  1. I guess first one on the list is the one I definitely need. But unfortunately I don’t have a Mac so,hail Tomato Timer.

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