Benefits Student Developers Can Avail Today

I recently graduated from college and when I came to the industry I realised that some of the products and services which I enjoyed for free and took them for granted as a student cost millions to the corporates and not just this, having prior experience of using them can get you started easily and can help you big time.

So if you haven’t availed any of the below benefits, go avail them today and thank me later.

Let’s get started without further ado.

GitHub Starter Pack

This one tops the list because it is like a combo of more than a dozen of benefits, so one verification and you get it all.

The benefits from this one include:

  • The free .me domain from NameCheap, this would be a great help if you are like me and want to learn web development and the first thing that comes to your mind is a Résumé  / CV or a portfolio website, you could get something like for free.
  • Unlimited private GitHub repositories which normally cost $7/Month.

And much more, check all the benefits here.

AWS Educate

AWS is short for Amazon Web Services and you guessed it right, Amazon runs on AWS.

AWS Educate is also a part of GitHub starter pack now but this one is too important to not get a special mention.

So when you are hosting a website or an app, you need a server to store all your data and be available 24×7 and AWS EC2 can do that for you. And that is just one of the services AWS provides, there are more than 1000 other such use cases AWS can solve for you.

And guess what, with AWS Educate students like you can get up to $100 in credits.

AWS is one of the platforms that you will find almost everyone from a big corporate to a week old startup using so you better don’t miss the free hands-on experience.

Check more about AWS Educate here.

JetBrains IDEs

JetBrains IDEs, free for students.

JetBrains is the maker of Integrated Development Environments for all sorts of Programming Languages starting from C (CLion) to Python (PyCharm). Even Android Studio is based on their IDE.

And they are giving away all the IDEs for Free to students which cost hundreds of dollars otherwise.

So if you are learning a new language or are already a pro check the IDEs here and you won’t be disappointed.

And that’s it from my side, but you can suggest any other benefits you know about, I would be more than happy to add them to this list.

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