Edifier XM2PF Review – Budget Friendly Yet High Quality 2.1 Speakers

Edifier is a Beijing based brand and known for its high-quality and premium consumer audio products ranging from 5.1 Home theatre systems to portable Bluetooth speakers and even some high-quality headphones and earphones. And they are just starting to expand their range of products in India, but apparently, one of their most sold products right now in India is the budget-friendly Edifier XM2PF. So we decided to get our hands on the product and try it out for our readers.

Below is a small clip of us unboxing them.

So as you saw, the box contains 2 Treble Drivers, 1 Bass Driver, a teeny-tiny remote, an AUX cable and the documentation.

Here is the spec sheet, incase you are into that

Power OutputRMS 4.5W×2 SW: 12W
Signal to Noise Ratio≥80dBA
Frequency Response80Hz~20kHz (±6dB)
Input SensitivityR/L: 300±50mV SW: 100 ± 20mV
Input OptionsAUX/USB/SD card
Bass Driver4 inches
Treble Driver2.75 inches

I have tried to keep this review as simple as possible by answering three simple questions everyone may have before buying this product, do let us know if you like this concept and also otherwise.

What’s Good?

The Sound: This product was designed keeping gamers in mind and I can say that is reflected in the audio output you get from these, its room-filling treble and the punchy bass does a very good job at amazing you each time. Edifier has also provided a knob on the woofer to take that bass a little higher and I am pretty sure many people will like that.

That bottom though!

The Build: Edifier XM2PF are called premium for a reason and that has to be the build quality, the sub-woofer is made of high-quality wood and you can make that out with the bass punch and all the buttons and controls feel premium too.

Beauty and the beast!

The treble drivers are designed a little tilted so that when they are kept on a desk the sound is directed to the ears of the listener and it surely helps.

In your face!

The Price: Edifier XM2PF are priced at just ₹3,399 in India. They are certainly one of the very few premium 2.1s with such high-quality audio in this price range.

The Extras: Yes, they are a little more than just 2.1s because you also get the option to play your songs via USB and SD cards and they come with the ability to play Radio, you know, for days when your collection gets boring.

Edifier XM2PF Connectivity
You are covered! (Source : Edifier – edifier.com)

What’s not so good?

The missing Bluetooth: As you may have noticed, I never mentioned Bluetooth so far, that’s because these don’t come with Bluetooth, but apparently Edifier also has a different version of this called XM2BT and the only difference between the two models seems to be the presence of Bluetooth, so you may get the Bluetooth equivalent if interested.

The Remote: The infrared receiver is placed on the right of the sub-woofer so you have to go really close for it to work and thus the remote could have been better.

This may not be a problem for everyone as our review unit came with a remote that doesn’t seem to be the one which should come with these as it has a Bluetooth button which is unsupported.



I think these are one of the best 2.1s at this price point and if you are looking for a good pair of gaming speakers for your setup, or are not a gamer but still want good quality audio these should be a good idea.

Where can you buy it from?

These are available on Amazon India, Flipkart and even through offline channels.

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