Benefits Student Developers Can Avail Today

I recently graduated from college and when I came to the industry I realised that some of the products and services which I enjoyed for free and took them for granted as a student cost millions to the corporates and not just this, having prior experience of using them can get you started easily and can help you big time.

So if you haven’t availed any of the below benefits, go avail them today and thank me later.

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PhonePe – The best mobile payments app out there

PhonePe is a mobile payment solution provider or as the startup industry likes to call it a Fin-Tech company. PhonePe was acquired by Flipkart in its initial stages and that definitely helped it grow faster. But PhonePe founders Sameer Nigam and Rahul Chari have a great history with Flipkart as they became a part of Flipkart’s team when Flipkart acquired one of their digital distribution startup mime360 in 2011, later they left Flipkart to start PhonePe but they were soon called back home with an acquisition offer which I guess they happily accepted.
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Top 3 Apps for MacBook [ March 2017 ]

I got my first Mac computer the MacBook Pro 2016 (w/o the touch bar) 24 days ago and every day I love it more, not just because of its great design, fantastic display, fantabulous build quality or the giant touchpad but also due to the software experience macOS offers.

MacBook Pro 2016 and iPod Touch 6th Gen
Yes. I am a fan of Grey! Actually Black 😉

Picture Credits: Saatvik Shukla

So I am always on the lookout for new apps that add to this experience, below are my top 3 picks so far.
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2015: Top 5 smartphones under Rs. 30000 ($450)

It’s that time of the year when we roundup all our favorite smartphones from the year into various categories and 2015 has been a year of budget phones from makers like Motorola to OnePlus taking part in the competition and thus our first article from the lot will be the Top 5 smartphones under Rs. 30000.

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How to get the new transparent YouTube player?

Hey! As you may have already read YouTube is testing a new re designed transparent YouTube player. Cnet already wrote a detailed post about enabling the same on your system. But it seems that YouTube has made is more easier. You can now get it with just a single click.

Follow the below steps to get it:

Visit YouTube’s beta testing page called TestTube here.
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Migrate your WordPress blog to EC2 – Step by Step guide

Hey folks! Today I am going to share a complete guide to migrate your WordPress blog to EC2. This guide is made with one month of effort in migrating my own blog to Amazon Web Services. AWS offers you a free tier for one year and the resources provided in the free tier are good enough for a small blog with not so high traffic and can be easily used as an alternative to shared web hosting.

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